Update on Co-op with Lake City

What a great privilege to be part of this organization! Our school board certainly proved their amazing value in the entire pursuit of the co-op with Lake City. Our entire board traveled to Lake City and met with the school board there until after 11:00 p.m. to work on details of an agreement. At that time, the Lake City board agreed to pursue the co-op and directed both superintendents to draft the final agreement in order for the boards to make their final votes and put the co-op back in place for our kids.

The next morning, the agreement was drafted and sent over to the Lake City superintendent and within a couple of days a final draft was presented to the Lake City school board. On Friday, we received this message from the superintendent:

At tonight’s Special Meeting, the Hinsdale County School Board voted not to approve the Cooperative Agreement between our districts for the 17-18 high school basketball season. 
Two points were clearly stated by our board tonight: 1. there is a great deal of appreciation for Creede board and staff time spent on this issue, and 2. while this has been perhaps a difficult way for boards and staff to get to know one another better, we feel that has happened and we are happy about continuing that.
I will be posting the recording of tonight’s meeting on our website tomorrow should you want to listen.
I also shared with the board tonight that Lake City student council has invited Creede high school students to attend a Fall Festival dance on September 21. John Goss indicated a homecoming dance in Creede is in the works and we look forward to that, and I affirmed that we will indeed be hosting Prom in the spring (we will get a date on the calendar very soon) and are excited about Creede’s participation. Also our high school Knowledge Bowl teams enjoyed close competition today as well. 🙂 I am encouraged that our relationships with each other will continue.
Thank you all –
– Leslie

I am certainly proud of our school board and all of their efforts to work for the community. Please take time to thank them for the many long hours they gave for you. We will not have a co-op; however, the students will still play together as they do in volleyball. Go Creede Miners!

Your Superintendent,