Current Employment Opportunities

Substitute Teachers

  • Kindergarten-12th grades as-needed basis, Monday – Thursday
  • Certified Teacher: $100.00 per day
  • College Degree: $90.00 per day

To Become a Substitute Teacher

  • Submit a complete Substitute Teacher Application
  • Submit application with a cover letter, resume, and references
  • Acquire a Substitute Teacher Authorization from the Colorado Department of Education at  (The process requires being fingerprinted and detailed instructions are included in the authorization application process)

Facilities Manager – Full time position

Description: Creede School District is seeking an individual with knowledge of building systems and maintenance. Systems include HVAC, security alarms, fire alarms, boilers, sprinkler system, general equipment, and other appliance-related systems. This individual must be skilled in all manner of building repair and responsive to employee work orders. Position will cover day time custodial duties and oversight of the evening custodian. The position also entails seasonal-related responsibilities including landscape work in the spring and summer and snow removal duties in the fall and winter.

Reports To: Superintendent

Education: Minimum required is a high school diploma but prefer training in vocational and technical school. Higher education will increase the pay scale.

Pay: The salary range is negotiable but is around $35,000 – $45,000 depending upon experience and education.

Benefits: Medical benefits are paid by the employer above the stated salary. Employee may opt to have dental and optical benefits. Retirement benefits are also part of the package available.

If you are interested, please contact the school office at (719) 658-2220 to set up an interview appointment. Prior to an interview, an application must be completed. Please fill out the employment application below. Some of the information will not apply; however, you may fill out all that does apply.


BOYS/GIRLS Varsity Basketball Coaching Position

Description:  Creede School District is seeking highly motivated individuals with knowledge of the game of basketball to lead our boys and girls varsity basketball teams.  This individual must be skilled in the knowledge and rules of basketball, must be willing to be a positive role model for our students and provide discipline, structure, preparation and effective game planning strategy to help build and maintain a successful program.  This position entails every day, after school practice hours and travel time to and from games. This can be a demanding and rigorous schedule.  If interested, please supply a cover letter, resume to Jim Tillery (AD) or Lis Richard (Superintendent) at the following address. Paperwork is due by October 25th.

Creede School District

PO Box 429

Creede, CO  81130

Education:  Minimum required is a high school diploma with experience in coaching basketball.

Pay: Stipends will be available for all coaching positions.