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The Miner 5

Our Mission Statement is to provide a safe, inclusive, and nurturing environment in order for students to reach their unique potential in and beyond the classroom. For our mission statement to come alive, all Miners will dig deep and work together to follow “The Miner 5”…

The Miner 5

  • Respect- Value the uniqueness of yourself and others
  • Relationships- Strengthen and encourage each other; build trust.
  • Responsibility- Be accountable for your actions; physical and emotional safety is a priority.
  • Repair- Work towards mending relationships in a positive manner.
  • Reboot- Make changes to establish a new beginning.

We proactively want to work together to create a culture of connectivity where all members of the community feel valued and thrive.

At times, students might not get along. Other times, a student might not follow the expectations set by the school or by a teacher, staff member, or coach. By working with this group of students that has a conflict or with the student that has not followed school/classroom expectations, we will be able to identify the harm, recognize how the harm has impacted relationships, and what steps can occur to take responsibility for the harm while creating actions needed to work towards repairing the relationships affected by the harm.