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General Information

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Creede Early learning Center is a 501(c) 3 that provides a safe, dependable, affordable and nurturing child care facility in a high quality educational environment for Creede and the surrounding communities. The CELC houses the District’s Preschool Program as well as provides childcare for ages 1yr.-8yrs. To fill out a CPP application or for more information, click here.

Creede School operates on a four day school week: Monday – Thursday 8:00am – 4:00pm. Occasionally we may have a scheduled snow make-up day on Friday.  Our summer office hours are Monday through Thursday 8:00am – 12:00pm.

Late Start and Closing Procedures

The Creede School District understands the decision to open, close, or call a late start, due to inclement weather, has an impact on families. We also understand that students are better served—both academically and socially—by being in school. But, as always, our top priority is the safety of our students.

How Does the District Make the Decision to Have a Late Start or a Closing?
The decision to open or close the schools in bad weather is based on information available at the time the decision must be made. Factors effecting the decision include:

  • Information received on road conditions from staff, sheriff’s department, and CDOT (when available). We attempt to find current conditions on all the major roads in the area. Even if your road looks clear, travel elsewhere in the district may be dangerous. Also, we must consider that some high school students drive to school.
  • Amount of snow.
  • Whether precipitation is continuing.
  • Ground effect caused by wind
  • Building conditions (e.g., do buildings have electricity, heat, or water)
  • Temperature and wind chill. Please remember that some of our students walk to school.
  • Weather predictions. We prefer not making our decision based on weather predictions, which are not always accurate. Sometimes this may be unavoidable.

Who Makes The Decision?
The Superintendent is responsible for the final decision.

How Are Families Notified?
Because our geographic location prohibits the majority of families receiving up-to-date information from the media, the district utilizes an automated calling service. When possible, the District’s website will have a notice placed on the home page when a closing or late start takes effect.

When Is The Decision Made?
The Superintendent will make the decision by 7:00 a.m. so families can be notified in time to avoid needlessly traveling to school. If more time is taken in announcing a late start or a closing, some parents will have already left for work, leaving their children unsupervised.

With a Late Start, Will School Close If Conditions Worsen?
Keep in mind that, even if weather conditions worsen, it is very difficult to reverse the decision. Once the decision to open the school has been made, many parents rely on it and leave for work after dropping of their children. If students are sent home, many will return to unsupervised houses. At times, parents cannot be reached to pick up their children. However, if conditions worsen, power may be lost, water lines could break, or other unforeseeable events may occur. At that time, there may be a need for an early dismissal. If that should happen, the District will make every effort to provide adequate notice to all parents.

If you do not feel it is safe for your child to travel to school, use your best judgment on whether he or she should attend. Also, discourage teenagers from driving in bad conditions and offer them alternatives if weather conditions worsen. Tardies and absences are excused during inclement weather. Remember, that as the parent or guardian, you have the ultimate responsibility of keeping your child home or sending them to school.

Late Start Schedule
Road conditions usually improve by 9:00 a.m.; road crews have had the opportunity to plow and sand the highway and most county roads. When it is anticipated that conditions will improve, a ‘Late Start Schedule’ will be activated. School will begin two hours later than normal. Students will not be expected to be at the school until 10:00 a.m. Teachers and administrators, however, will try to be at the school as early as possible to be with students arriving earlier.

Please note that schools are mandated to have a required number of contact hours with students. Should our district fall short of the required hours, we are forced to add days at the end of the school year. Consequently, when possible, our first choice will be the ‘Late Start Schedule’ instead of opting to close the school.

At the Creede School District, we strive to continually recognize outstanding Creede Miner behavior. Please feel free to nominate a current Creede Miner student to a Creede School District staff member when you notice them demonstrating some of these outstanding behaviors.

* The Holy Moses Award – A Legendary quote made by Nicolas Creede upon discovery of a vast and rich silver vein. This award recognizes any upstanding behavior demonstrated by our students.

* The Major Minor Award – This award recognizes selflessness and random acts of kindness towards others.

* The Creede Community Contributor – This is awarded to students that have gone out of their way to help their fellow citizens or community.