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Fever Free - Health and Symptom Checks

As of 11/17/20 we enhanced our morning symptom screening process to help keep everyone

as healthy as possible by minimizing unnecessary exposure and exchanging timely information.  

If you have not already, please download the app and start using it each morning before heading to school.  

To submit a daily health check (this takes 30-60 seconds for each student)

1) Click "submit health check" for students only even though parents are also listed

2) Record the digital thermometer reading (no one sees this recording)

3) Indicate if there are any listed symptoms 

4) Submit to receive your clearance badge

Please note if a child in your family has any symptom and fails the health screening,

you will be asked to keep your child at home and call CSD’s health office next steps.

Click here and scroll down to “How Fever Free Works, Learn About Health Checks” to watch a short video demo. 

Consider "team members" to instead represent "students."

Here is some more information for your review. 

Fever Free FAQ

How to use Fever Free: Members

How to Register

Permissions and Reminders


Hand Washing Instructions

Return to Learn - Student Guide - Fall 2020 - as of 8/11/20



Please watch our Health Related Videos applicable to the 2020/2021 School Year

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Your annual forms are also available at