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Recent Illnesses

Posted Date: 10/13/2020

Recent Illnesses

Dear CSD Parents & Guardians,

                We are currently seeing a surge in illness in the Creede School District Elementary wing. Over the previous two weeks, we have seen the presence of two distinct illnesses: one respiratory and the other gastrointestinal. In line with recommendations from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), COVID-19 testing has been requested of students in certain instances. No CSD students, faculty or staff have tested positive for COVID-19. The challenge that we are currently facing is that both the viral respiratory and gastrointestinal illnesses are transferring rapidly from student to student. Despite having our elementary students separated into cohorts, students have contact in other ways, including after school activities, sibling and family interaction, and social engagements. We are hesitant to transfer to remote learning when we do not have a positive COVID-19 case within the school. Yet, these illnesses make it challenging to differentiate between what could potentially be COVID-19 and what may simply be one of the many other viral illnesses that circulate during the colder months.

                In line with the new guidance from CDPHE that was recently released, we will be instituting some of the following protocols:

  • The threshold for a child being asked to stay home - or being sent home - with a symptom(s) will be very low and will comply with the attached CDPHE documents.
  • If a student develops a new loss of taste or smell, two or more major COVID-19 symptoms (see chart below), a fever and any other major COVID-19 symptom, or has had known contact with a person with known or suspected COVID-19, they will need to either:
    • Receive testing for COVID-19 and provide the school with the results, OR
    • Transfer to remote learning for the duration of their quarantine (10 days from the onset of symptoms AND 24 hours fever free without fever reducing medications).
  • If a student develops a fever or symptoms of COVID-19, all members of the student’s household that attend CSD will also need to remain at home, transfer to remote learning and follow all quarantine guidelines.

Once again, please see the attached documents for a closer look at the state level guidance CSD is adhering to, and for a list of symptoms that that are considered critical, major or minor. Please reach out with any additional questions or concerns you may have.

Thank you,

Creede School District


Symptom Level


Critical Symptom

Loss of taste or smell

Major Symptoms

Feeling feverish, having chills, or a temperature greater than 100.4 F

New or worsening cough

Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

Minor Symptoms

Sore throat, runny nose or congestion, muscle or body aches, headache, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea


Flow Chart if Child Feels Unwell After Arriving at School


Flow Chart for Safer At Home Levels and Procedures