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Young Miners

Miners logoAt the Creede School District, we strive to continually recognize outstanding Creede Miner behavior. Please feel free to nominate a current Creede Miner student to a Creede School District staff member when you notice them demonstrating some of these outstanding behaviors.


* The Holy Moses Award

A Legendary quote made by Nicolas Creede upon discovery of a vast and rich silver vein. This award recognizes any upstanding behavior demonstrated by our students.


* The Major Miner Award

This award recognizes selflessness and random acts of kindness towards others.


* The Creede Community Contributor 

This is awarded to students that have gone out of their way to help their fellow citizens or community.

Major Miner Awards - 4/13/23

Axel - Majoe Miner Award - 2023

Mrs. Ormsby nominated Axel Averette for a Major Miner Award for showing thankfulness to the school administration and kindness for the less fortunate. Mrs. Johnson and Mr. Crispell presented the award to him.

The 7th and 8th grade students were presented "Major Miner Awards" from, Mrs. Ceja, Mrs. johnson and Mr. Crispell. They were awarded for showing kindness and compassion to classmates and going above and beyond to support others.

7th and 8th Grade Major Miner Awards - 3/8/23


From left to right: Mrs. Johnson, Ava Mankowski, Piper Maki, Waverly Pearson, Lexy Mead, Dean Jenkins, Tyler Sliwkowski, Charlie Fairchild, Layla Regan, Taylor Carpenter, Mrs. Ceja, Jhavon Flores, Mr. Crispell

Not Pictured: Rudy Edmonds & Greyson O'Hare

Photo by Creede staff

The Creed8ters were recognized for the entreprenuership, creativity, perserverance, and hard work.  They created a business, managed it, and sold enough merchandise to earn a 2 night stay in Denver!  Congratualtions to the 5th grade class, otherwise known as the Creed8ters!

Photo by Creede staff

Rudy demonstrated excellent awareness and kindess when he notice a kindergarten student needing help.  Way to go Rudy!

Photo by Creede staff

Blakely and Piper are recognized for helping student in need.

Photo by Creede staff

Asher was recognized for his selfless acts of kindness during recess.  He is always willing to help out others even if he has to sacrifice his own free time.  What a great giving spirit!

“I would like to nominate Jhavon Flores for the Major Miner Award.Jhavon

Jhavon demonstrated respect, responsibility, and repair in the 6th grade classroom circle. When the class experienced some conflict, Jhavon modeled what it looks like to be open and honest. He supported his friend through some tough moments and helped others take accountability for pieces of the situation in which they were responsible. Jhavon has been an excellent classmate and friend. Very proud of Jhavon!”

Honey Stecken


“On Sunday, November 7, Creede's NHS chapter consisting of Jaden, Trenea, and Levi (with a special appearance by Eliana) visited a wonderful community member, who needed help with random chores around her house in preparation for a move. Our local was incredibly grateful, and the kids worked like champs!  I wish everyone could have seen them working together!  I would like to nominate these students for Community Contributor awards.”

Mrs. La Zier


“I’d like to nominate Lexy Mead for a Major Miner Award.

After a long ride home from Lake City, Lexy was the last one off theLexy bus. Lexy checked every single aisle and picked up all the trash. Lexy did this without me asking and without letting anyone know. It made my job as the driver easier and it was very thoughtful and kind.”

Katlin Vanaken

KlaraI would like to nominate Klara for a Major Miner Award.  

She has demonstrated service, kindness, and assistance in helping me during her

6th grade history class. A true Teacher's Assistant. "

Ms. Wall

Piper“Piper has been reported by her peers as a friend who helps and supports them.

When others have struggled, she has been seen helping them understand rules and connect with content.

Piper does a great job of co-regulating and just being a good friend.  

I would love to nominate her for the Major Minor Award.”

Mrs. Stecken

Senior, John T, volunteered his time and experience to help teach the 6th grade Jr. Engineering class about aeronautics and flight dynamics. Here he demonstrated one of the many hands-on projects that the 6th grade will be participating in. Thanks John and congratulations on your award for sharing your expertise!


John T  John T


John T 

“I would like to nominate Micheal Shaw for a Creede Community Contributor Award. Micheal has consistently volunteered to run the live-stream for our home games, enabling families and community members from all over to watch our teams play and cheer them on remotely. By volunteering his time at these games, he has provided a great service to our Miner community in and out of Creede. Thank you Micheal for your contributions to our community!”  Mr. Schrag

Michael, Jaden, Olivia

“On Tuesday, October 5th the Creede High School government class hosted a "meet the candidates night" for the upcoming school board election. The entire class organized and prepared for this event. Olivia and Jaden were a huge part in the facilitation of the event. Olivia was very diligent while timing responses to questions. Jaden asked the candidates questions from the audience as well as pre submitted  anonymous questions. Both students did a great job in their professionalism and participation.”  Teresa Wall


“I’d like to nominate Bryson Evans as a Major Miner. He helps kindergarten and 1st grade students in some way nearly every recess. He acts like a big brother to them and sets a good example with his caring and thoughtfulness.

Last week, he saw Clay sitting alone looking sad and he went over to him and asked if he was okay. It was a minor issue, but he listened and that made Clay feel supported. He is always doing things like that.”

Mrs. Ormsby


“I would like to nominate Charlie Fairchild for a Major Miner Award.  At our Rec Center Fall Fun Day, Charlie was exceptional with the younger students. He continuously offered encouragement and positive feedback.  He was willing to help in any way needed.   His manner and attitude with another helper was incredible!  The other helper was having a very hard time, and Charlie was so helpful, calm, and encouraging!  I am so proud of Charlie and the attitude and behavior he had on Thursday!”

Mrs. Lopez

Shelby“I would like to nominate Shelby Adelman for a Major Miner Award.  Shelby is always willing to go above and beyond for her classmates and schoolmates.  She continually is willing to help anyone in the classroom with whatever they need help with,  She sees a need and takes care of it.  It is so a part of her nature that she doesn't even think twice about it.”

Thanks, Mrs. Lopez

Way to go, RUDY!!!! Congratulations on your Major Miner Award!Rudy

Nominated by Mrs. Gray and Classmates:

Faculty Comments:

"Rudy has such a positive attitude and shows great resiliency when working on something difficult. He exemplifies exceptional teamwork, helpfulness and thoughtfulness."

"His classmates and I have noticed that Rudy is always kind to people! He also helped out in math today (not his favorite subject)!"

"Rudy is always willing to help others with anything that needs to be done."

"A first grader was talking to Rudy and said, 'Rudy, I have no friends. Would you be my friend?' Rudy did not hesitate and said 'Yes, I will be your friend.' It was incredibly heartwarming!"

"Rudy absolutely makes my day and he lights up any hall or room he enters! Being in his presence is truly a blessing; we are thankful to have him as part of our CSD family."

OliviaCongratulations, Olivia on your Major Miner Award!!!


"Olivia is always willing to help me out at recess whether it be picking up garbage others left out or retrieving playground equipment. I truly appreciate her help and how she is a role model for others' to learn about good citizenship."


Mrs. Crispell

Congratulations Asher (not pictured), Paisley and Jazzy for your well-deserved Major Miner Awards!


"Asher has shown good citizenship. kindness, perseverance and a positive attitude. An example of one situation is when he helped out a younger child in need without being asked. Asher does many things without being asked, helping me and others out in the classroom whenever he sees a need. He demonstrates perseverance when he works, always striving to do better and learn more!"

Mrs. Crispell


"I would like to nominate 2 students for the major miner award. Paisley and Jazzy. These girls noticed a student in our class that was upset because he did not have a snack for recess and they donated their Freckle coins to purchase him a snack for the next 2 days. I am proud of them for their kindness and that they noticed someone else's feelings and did a kind act without being asked to by anyone."

Mrs. Crispell

Paisley     Jazzy

Congratulations, Ava, on your Major Miner Award; you are an amazing role model!


"I observed Ava being thoughtful, patient, and helpful as she helped a classmate through a difficult time.

This is worthy of positive recognition." Mr. Goss



AbsCongratulations, Abigail!!!!

She was nominated for a Major Miner Award by Ms. Hester. 

Abigail spent most of her recess picking the stickers out of a kindergartener's socks and shoes last week.

Way to be an amazing and thoughtful helper!

“I would like to nominate this team of students who have worked hard to make our classroom more efficient and organized through their innovative inventions!  They recognized a need for a way to organize our many anchor charts and posters and worked for 2 weeks to create an attractive and handy poster organizer for our classroom.  When they saw that I had troubles reaching high to erase the markerboard they created a long handled eraser.  When Mr. Crispell brought to our attention that the auto shop doors needed something that could be placed in the holes and removed when necessary they 3D printed a solution! It doesn't stop there!  They are currently working on creating appreciation gifts for teachers this May!  Congratulations to Waverly, Asher, Lucy, Paisley, and Charlie!”  Mrs. Crispell


"We appreciate that sophomore, Levi Van Ry, has volunteered to coach the 5th - 7th grade Mini Miner soccer team this year! He is totally immersed in this effort, and the kids are playing well under his leadership. Levi is worthy of this Community Contributor recognition and Creede Parks and Recreation is extremely thankful for his help!" Mr. Goss

Levi and soccer team      Levi and Goss     Levi and soccer team

   Chase and Goss   Chase            

"I would like to nominate Chase for a Major Miner award. Over the last few weeks, Chase has been very supportive, giving and encouraging to her peers. For example, she complimented a student on how well she was reading and encouraged another student during a competition. She is a great asset to her 3rd grade class." Mrs. Haynie 4/28/21

Congratulations Chase!!!

Will Roden“I would like to nominate Will Roden for a Miner Award. Will just completed an incredibly intensive Wilderness First Aid Course through the Wilderness Medicine Training Center. This course required him to complete 15+ hours of online training, pass a rigorous exam, and then participate in over 20 hours of in-person training over a single weekend (much of which was outside in the snow!). Will had to practice giving himself an intramuscular injection, cleaning an actual wound, and how to address issues in the wilderness like hypothermia, concussion, and other trauma. While he was initially interested in the class to build his personal resume, Will is eager to be able to assist someone in the wilderness that may need help. He was also the only CSD student to complete the course, and the only high school student in the entire 14 person class. We are proud that Will is a Miner!”

Kate Michaels, CSD School Nurse

Also: Thank you to Creede Parks and Recreation for making this amazing opportunity available to Creede's youth!

"I would like to acknowledge Blain as a Major Miner. He is always focused, kind and inclusive, and eager to learn. He offers to help explain things (especially math concepts and strategies) daily."  Mrs. Ormsby

"Maren has been my remote learner all year. As the year has progressed, she has become very responsible by actively engaging in class and for longer periods of time than required. Thank you Maren for your effort and being Minor Strong!"  Mrs. Haynie

"JT has been a great help with remote teaching this year. He may be a 3rd grader, but his technology knowledge is far beyond that! Thank you JT for being my class tech go to person and being Minor Strong!"  Mrs. Haynie

"Thank you, Levi, for your selfless act of kindness, thinking of others first and setting a great example!"  Mrs. Haynie


Blain      Maren     JT     Levi

Ava“I would like to recommend Ava for a Major Miner award.  She has consistently been a kind and hard working student who goes above and beyond.  An example of this is when she gave up her free time to help another student write his math problems because his arm was hurting (he has a broken wrist and is in a cast).  She is one of the first to volunteer to help out and to invite others to join her group at recess or during any classroom activities. She has also worked very hard this year on her academics often taking home practice work.”  Michele Crispell

3/22/21: Congratulations to Jhaloni for receiving a Major Miner Award today! Jhaloni

He received this for going above and beyond to show consideration and caring for his classmates! 

For example: he shoveled snow all recess long without being asked and used his Freckle coins to purchase an expensive item for a classmate. 

So thoughtful!!!

playground helpers

These five kids went out 3/2/21 during recess and thoughtfully filled the "ice bowl" around the "rocket" on the playground with wood chips, then covered ice under the "umbrella" to make the area safer for everyone! They recognized the hazards and selflessly gave their play time to work for the greater good. 

Way to go Abigail, Bradlee, Bryson, Clay and Josie!

Abigail   Bradlee   Bryson   Clay   Josie


“I would like to submit Asher for a Major Miner award.  Asher has been going above and beyond in class.  He not only works hard to put his best forwardAsher and Mr. Goss on all his work but makes time to help his teacher and classmates.  When a classmate is struggling on work or with another problem, Asher is there to help out.  I love that when he helps a classmate with work such as math, he does so in a way that helps them learn which shows how well he knows the content!  In times when a classmate is feeling down due to life circumstances such as a grandparent  or pet passes away, he offers empathy and support.  Asher is an outstanding student that works diligently to make sure our class is successful.” Mrs. Crispell

Dean and Mr. Goss“Dean has shown concern, consideration, and kindness towards his classmates through his efforts to keep them safe and happy.  He is always there with a humorous joke to cheer someone up and to offer his help when in need.  An example of his concern for his classmates is his efforts to clear the playground for them so that those without boots would have more area to play in. After some windy conditions and snow drifts when our facilities director was absent, he pitched in to help clear off the drifting snow and some ice, sacrificing his own time to play and showing how his concern for others is important to him.” Mrs. Crispell

Jensen has been recognized in her class as a person who thinks of others first and will help them through challenging times.  One such instance isJensen and Mr. Goss when another student came to school after having some orthodontist work done.  This student was very self conscious at the time and was worried that some people may take exceptional notice of how their speech was now altered.  Jensen rose up to the occasion without being prompted to help this student out through this challenging event.  Jensen assured the student this was normal and the transition period would soon pass. She even went so far as offering them advice on what foods to eat and how to eat them during the next few weeks while getting acclimated to the situation.   It is for these reasons that we recognize Jensen as a Major Miner recipient for going the extra mile to help others feel better.  Congratulations Jensen, you help make us Miners Strong!

Several CSD Team Members have noticed Abigail showing great care and concern for her classmates. On one occasion, after coming inside from recess, she noticed a student forgot their hat and volunteered to go back and get it for them.  Another time, Mr. Goss was assisting art class and saw Abigail help other students after she completed her task.  Abigail is caring and thoughtful of others and deserves recognition with our Major Miner Award!



HS NHS group

“I would like to nominate Fisher, Mamie, Lindsey, Chris and Trenea for the “Creede Community Contributors” award.  On their own time after school, these students have delivered food to 16 households in Creede and South Fork over the last two months.  I am very proud of how eager they are to do this task every other week!”  Mrs. La Zier

“I can vouch for that. I was very happy to see these students drop off supplies from the food bank at my house. It's difficult getting groceries while quarantined! And don't worry, they dropped the supplies at the gate while wearing masks. It's awesome seeing the Miners looking out for their community!”  An appreciative Creedite Food Bank Recipient

Linsey   Trenea   Mamie   Fisher   Chris

Photos happen to be taken on “Cowboy Day” during Spirit Week

10/22/20: “I would like to nominate Zachary Barton for a Major Miner Award.  He valued a prize that he had earned for making good choices, but gave it up so that his brother, Ian could have a Batman car from the Kindergarten Treasure Box for his birthday.  What a caring and thoughtful act of kindness for others.  Good job, Zac!”  Mrs. Sliwkowski

Zac in class      Zac getting award      Zac with award

Maddie 10/7 getting award from Mr. Goss

10/7/20: Today Maddie came to the rescue!  While a substitute teacher and an administrator struggled to connect a remote student to the live classroom, Maddie stepped up to volunteer her knowledge.  After a few minutes of troubleshooting, Maddie was able to resolve the technological issue, making it all look very easy, and our remote student had joined the class.  Thank you, Maddie; you saved the day with your expertise and willingness to assist!  Congratulations on your Major Miner Award! 

Ava getting award10/1/20: Congratulations, Ava, on your Major Miner Award!  Mrs. Hester nominated Ava for demonstrating selfless behavior through random acts of kindness and stated that yesterday during the elementary field trip “Ava came out to my 1st grade group in the pumpkin patch and offered to help anyone that needed help carrying their pumpkin to the bus. She then took pictures for our group. She also got off the bus when we arrived back at school and helped carry 1st grade pumpkins to our classroom!”  Thank you Ava for being so helpful, caring and thoughtful!  What a great role model!

During Remote Learning and even over summer break, we had students being recognized for outstanding efforts! 

Way to go Miners; we are SO proud of you!

4/7/20: Kala is receiving this award for helping people out during a time of need. She is using her acquired automotive mechanics knowledge and skills to fix an elderly neighbor's vehicle. 

4/23/20: Congratulation Klara on your Major Miner Award!  Mrs. Johnson recognized her for helping her sister, Ava, with her online studies. Ava was really excited and appreciative of this fact when she told Mrs. Johnson, "My sister is an amazing teacher." 

7/16/20: Tyler is receiving this “Major Minor” award for exemplary behavior earlier this week. At STEM camp, his sister left her lunchbox unzipped and a chipmunk stole her sandwich. Tyler was immediately halving his lunch to share before a replacement lunch could even be whipped together. The team was so impressed with him and we are proud to celebrate this act of kindness! 

7/30/20: Shelby is being recognized for personally assembling, counting, and readying the face shields for the CSD! Shelby also assists her mom at Silver Thread Public Health by wiping down and sanitizing door handles at the health clinic to keep workers and community members safe. She is passionate about fighting COVID and keeping people healthy! 

February – March 2020: Being upstanding is outstanding! These Elementary students, Jack, Levi, Adalaide and Maren, were recognized by their staff and peers for standing up when they saw negative actions.  They were awarded certificates and they got to share lunch with Principal Goss!