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Young Miners

Miners logoAt the Creede School District, we strive to continually recognize outstanding Creede Miner behavior. Please feel free to nominate a current Creede Miner student to a Creede School District staff member when you notice them demonstrating some of these outstanding behaviors.


* The Holy Moses Award

A Legendary quote made by Nicolas Creede upon discovery of a vast and rich silver vein. This award recognizes any upstanding behavior demonstrated by our students.


* The Major Minor Award

This award recognizes selflessness and random acts of kindness towards others.


* The Creede Community Contributor 

This is awarded to students that have gone out of their way to help their fellow citizens or community.

HS NHS group

“I would like to nominate Fisher, Mamie, Lindsey, Chris and Trenea for the “Creede Community Contributors” award.  On their own time after school, these students have delivered food to 16 households in Creede and South Fork over the last two months.  I am very proud of how eager they are to do this task every other week!”  Mrs. La Zier

“I can vouch for that. I was very happy to see these students drop off supplies from the food bank at my house. It's difficult getting groceries while quarantined! And don't worry, they dropped the supplies at the gate while wearing masks. It's awesome seeing the Miners looking out for their community!”  An appreciative Creedite Food Bank Recipient

Linsey   Trenea   Mamie   Fisher   Chris

Photos happen to be taken on “Cowboy Day” during Spirit Week

10/22/20: “I would like to nominate Zachary Barton for a Major Miner Award.  He valued a prize that he had earned for making good choices, but gave it up so that his brother, Ian could have a Batman car from the Kindergarten Treasure Box for his birthday.  What a caring and thoughtful act of kindness for others.  Good job, Zac!”  Mrs. Sliwkowski

Zac in class      Zac getting award      Zac with award

Maddie 10/7 getting award from Mr. Goss

10/7/20: Today Maddie came to the rescue!  While a substitute teacher and an administrator struggled to connect a remote student to the live classroom, Maddie stepped up to volunteer her knowledge.  After a few minutes of troubleshooting, Maddie was able to resolve the technological issue, making it all look very easy, and our remote student had joined the class.  Thank you, Maddie; you saved the day with your expertise and willingness to assist!  Congratulations on your Major Miners Award! 

Ava getting award10/1/20: Congratulations, Ava, on your Major Miners Award!  Mrs. Hester nominated Ava for demonstrating selfless behavior through random acts of kindness and stated that yesterday during the elementary field trip “Ava came out to my 1st grade group in the pumpkin patch and offered to help anyone that needed help carrying their pumpkin to the bus. She then took pictures for our group. She also got off the bus when we arrived back at school and helped carry 1st grade pumpkins to our classroom!”  Thank you Ava for being so helpful, caring and thoughtful!  What a great role model!

During Remote Learning and even over summer break, we had students being recognized for outstanding efforts! 

Way to go Miners; we are SO proud of you!

4/7/20: Kala is receiving this award for helping people out during a time of need. She is using her acquired automotive mechanics knowledge and skills to fix an elderly neighbor's vehicle. 

4/23/20: Congratulation Klara on your Major Miner Award!  Mrs. Johnson recognized her for helping her sister, Ava, with her online studies. Ava was really excited and appreciative of this fact when she told Mrs. Johnson, "My sister is an amazing teacher." 

7/16/20: Tyler is receiving this “Major Minor” award for exemplary behavior earlier this week. At STEM camp, his sister left her lunchbox unzipped and a chipmunk stole her sandwich. Tyler was immediately halving his lunch to share before a replacement lunch could even be whipped together. The team was so impressed with him and we are proud to celebrate this act of kindness! 

7/30/20: Shelby is being recognized for personally assembling, counting, and readying the face shields for the CSD! Shelby also assists her mom at Silver Thread Public Health by wiping down and sanitizing door handles at the health clinic to keep workers and community members safe. She is passionate about fighting COVID and keeping people healthy! 

February – March 2020: Being upstanding is outstanding! These Elementary students, Jack, Levi, Adalaide and Maren, were recognized by their staff and peers for standing up when they saw negative actions.  They were awarded certificates and they got to share lunch with Principal Goss!