Baccalaureate Service For Graduates

All over our state school districts honor the tradition of participating in a Baccalaureate Service. The meaning of baccalaureate is literally a sermon to a graduating class or the service at which the sermon is delivered.

Participating voluntarily in this does not violate anything legally for staff or students. While at the service, one represents themselves and not the school. It is intended to be a charge to the graduates as they commence a new chapter in life. It is voluntary for the graduates and anyone who attends but is intended to be a more personal and spiritual charge. The students are at an age to think on their own and can determine what they will do with the words spoken to them.

This year Creede Baptist Church has taken on the tradition and invited our graduates this Sunday morning at 11:00 for a service in their honor. Anyone else who would like to attend is welcome to do so. Many of the teens in school attend this church and are excited their friends will be honored.

Feel free to contact Creede Baptist Church if you have questions.

This Sunday morning, 11:00 a.m.