You are the Parent!

More than ever the world around us is doing everything possible to strip away a parent’s right and responsibility to parent their children. Just spend one evening watching the popular sitcoms to see the pervasive message the media sends to our young people that their parents are ignorant and they should do as they please. Fathers in the home are portrayed as stupid and children are left on their own.This absolutely does not need to define reality.

Your school wants to be an extension of your home and simply help you in every way that we are able to do so. We want to support you. We are doing our part to educate your child and we want to help you if you need more. But, we clearly understand that you are the parent and these children are yours. There are many in public education that believe the young people are wards of the state. When they are on the campus of a school, they belong to the school. We honor parents at Creede Schools and we want you to be informed and aware of what your child is doing and what is going on during the day. It is not up to the school or administration to decide which information you should or should not receive. You are the parents and we will give you the truth and let you disseminate information as you feel it is best for your own children. We are here to support you.

There are many important events coming up for you to stay up-to-date and informed. Please be an informed parent and be aware of your parental rights. Just because someone tells you something is so, does not make it true. I tell my staff to “trust but verify.” I never want someone to take my word for something. I always want them to check it out for themselves to see what I say is the truth. I have learned that many people follow blindly without researching for themselves. We all have a mind and the ability to think for ourselves. We should do so and teach our children to do the same. Our society deserves strong independent thinkers.

Our website is now full of information on many things it has never had on it before. We now have information on assessment (testing) schedules and new regulations regarding a parents rights to opt their student out of state testing. It is located under the resources tab at the top of the website home page. Our district policies regarding these state regulations are also online. There are many other pieces of information on the website. Please do not be afraid to spend time searching around on the site. If this is intimidating, come in and spend time visiting with me, Mr. Goss our principal or Mr. Tillery our counselor and we will happily go over much of this with you in person. Also, if anyone calls representing the school, please verify this with the office. You are the parent and always have the right to say no to anything you feel uncomfortable about concerning your child.

It is an honor to serve your children and you!

Lis Richard, Superintendent