Annual Consent Form

  • Handbook Agreement

    District Policies can be found here: Handbook can be found under Parent & Student Resources here:
  • Drug Policy

    Creede School District Drug Policy can be found here:
  • Internet & Electronic Communications Agreement

    Internet and Electronic Communications policy can be found here:
  • Cell Phone Usage Agreement

  • Opt-Out Regarding Military Recruiter Requests

    Only applicable to Junior and Senior Students. Grades K-10 can skip this section.
  • Creede School Media

    Creede School District does keep a presence on social media and in printed publications. Examples of these publications are: • Facebook • Instagram • Newspaper • Creede Visitor Guide • School Website - Most of the time, student activities along with photos and sometimes videos are featured in these articles and advertising. If you DO NOT wish for your child to be photographed or videoed, please stop by the office to fill out the District’s Opt Out policy, which we will keep on record at the school and in the student's Edustar profile. This form must be filled out annually.
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  • Race & Ethnicity Questionnaire (Optional)

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Health Information

This card must be updated the beginning of each school year.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Medications

    If medications are needed, in addition to this form, please fill out the proper prescription or over-the-counter permission forms located on our website under Resources >Health Office. For prescription medication, please print the Prescription Medication Form and take to your local provider to complete. Completed permission forms must be turned into the health office before medication can be administered.
  • Allergies

    If your child has a life threatening allergy, state law requires that you have a “Colorado Allergy & Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan” filled out by your child’s provider. Please see the Kate Michaels, RN, for this paperwork.
  • Asthma

  • Health Concerns

  • Parents/Guardians are expected to transport student home or to the doctor/hospital when ill. In case of serious illness or injury, all emergency numbers provided to CSD will be called. If parent/guardian/emergency contacts cannot be reached, school personnel will immediately call 911 and request emergency health personnel to arrange for transporting the student to an emergency facility. If medication is to be taken at school, a completed Permission for Medication Form must be on file in the Health Office before it can be given. Any medication brought to school must be done so by a parent or guardian, NOT by the student. This includes all prescription medications, as well as over-the-counter and herbal remedies. All medications MUST be kept in the Health Office. Exceptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis with approval only, please contact the school nurse for more information. The CSD nurse accesses the Colorado Immunization Information System (CIIS), a confidential web-based system that collects and consolidates immunization information for disease control purposes. The CSD health office uses CIIS as a tool to ensure that your child has the proper immunizations required for school. This includes entering immunization data that the school has on file in a student’s health record which may not be listed on CIIS. If you do not want your child’s immunization data to be entered on CIIS, you may choose to opt out by notifying the school nurse in writing at the beginning of the school year.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY