Early Spring Break for Creede School District

Due to the increased concern for safety in travel, there will be no school for the remainder of this week (Wednesday and Thursday). The winter storm warnings, travel advisories, and CDOT recommendations indicate that due to high winds today in the mountains it is not recommended to travel.

Making a call to cancel school is a difficult call. It is easy to be a couch quarterback; however, when lives are in one’s hands, we must error on the side of safety. We are sure to feel the impact of today’s storm. We have mounds of snow all over our County and Rio Grande County and the wind will bring some of it back to the roadways. Our district does not run chained buses but rather depends upon parents and students transporting children to school. Our staff also must be able to get into school. At this point, the district is not willing to risk anyone’s safety to not only get to school but remain safe enough to travel back home.

Another factor in considering this decision is the number of families who travel over spring break. These families will need extra time due to the adverse conditions. If we were to be in session on Thursday, there would be a very low attendance rate.

Yet another factor in deciding is the concern once students are in the building. When the weather changes suddenly, power in the building could go out and effect the heat and plumbing. The students are safer in their own homes. There is no need to risk this situation for the children.

Our neighboring county of Hinsdale suffered a tragedy yesterday and their community is grieving. We don’t need to risk any such tragedies.

We realize this is a very different call for our district. If you have a concern or comment, feel free to email at: lis.richard@creedek12.net. Your concerns and comments will be share with administrators and taken into consideration.

CSD Administration