Letter from the Administration

Dear Creede School Families,

With COVID-19 being on the mind of everybody and the uncertainty of what the next months is going to look like, the Creede School District wanted to communicate our position with the new information coming out.  Trying to make sure that your student or students receive the most on campus instruction vs. being proactive against COVID-19, we want to make sure that we have all of the information possible to make an informed decision.  With new information and guidance coming out every day from the federal and the state level, it has been helpful to push the decision as far as we can while still be respectful of your situation.  The Creede School District will have a decision on the direction the District is taking by 4:00 Wednesday, March 18th.

To help the school make plans on how we are going to approach the education of your child, please fill out this technology inventory.  The information that we gather from this form will help the administration set up staff and students to be as successful as we can in these turbulent times.


Once again we appreciate your patience in this matter. Doing what is best for your child is at the heart of our decisions.



Collin Vinchattle

Interim Superintendent

Letter to Parents