Parking Permit

Creede School District parking permit is $10.00. It may be purchased with cash, check, or online through Cheddar Up. You must present a copy of your driver license, proof of insurance and vehicle registration when picking up a permit. If ordered online, the above items along with the online receipt must be presented at the time of pick up. Please do not complete this form without a valid driver license. Parking permits may not be pre-purchased with a learner permit.
  • MakeModelYearColorLicense Plate 
    List all vehicles student will be driving. Student must have a permit for each vehicle. Please make sure to provide registration and insurance for each vehicle.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
    Pay with Cheddar Up
  • Operating a vehicle is a significant responsibility and driving to school is a privilege. The Creede School reserves the right to revoke this privilege if students do not follow the rules set in place. Students who drive to Creede School must obtain a parking permit from the school and the parking permit must be displayed at all times. To obtain a parking permit the student and parent must agree to the following parking rules and complete a vehicle registration form. The student parking lot is located on the dirt lot on the southwest part of the Creede School campus. A fee of $10.00 is set by the Creede School to maintain the student parking lot. Permits are non-transferable to another student and there will be no refunds granted for loss of privileges or withdrawing from the school. The student must conform to the provisions of Colorado Law governing operation of a motor vehicle when operating a motor vehicle on school property. School administrators may make other reasonable parking and driving regulations as deemed necessary. Parking Lot Rules and Expectations: • Students must park in student parking lot and may not park in visitor, staff, school bus area, handicapped, or fire lane • Parking permit must be visible at all times • Observe the speed limit on campus of 5 m.p.h. • Be aware of the pedestrian traffic • Drive courteously and respectfully • If there are changes to vehicle information, the office must be notified • Student may only access their vehicle during school hours with a Creede School staff member • Students may not loiter in the parking lot or in their vehicles If the school has reasonable suspicion that a student has violated a school policy or the law, an inspection of the student’s vehicle may be conducted by school authorities without student consent and without a search warrant. The contents in the vehicle are the student’s responsibility. Violations of these rules will result in in the following. The Creede School may skip any of these steps if the violation is of a severe nature. • Warning • Citation and a fine • Loss of privilege