Senior Student Early Dismissal Application

It is the District's understanding that certain students who have worked diligently through high school may be able to leave school early in their senior year. This is pending the approval of the administration as well as confirming their credits are sufficient toward graduation. According to the State of Colorado and the Colorado High School Athletic Association, students must be enrolled full-time. A senior is considered full-time when carrying 2.5 credits per semester or five classes. This also applies in order to participate in any extracurricular activities or athletics.
  • Student Section

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Please fill out your current schedule. You must have talked to your teachers and explained that you are applying to leave school early and receive their approval before submitting this form.
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  • By clicking the checkbox below, I verify that I have talked to all of my teachers and received their approval.
  • I realize that leaving campus early is a privilege. I understand that I am still enrolled in school and must abide by all school rules and policies while off campus. I also understand that at any time the administration may revoke my privilege and ask me to return to a full day of classes.
  • Parent/Guardian Section

  • I acknowledge that it is my responsibility when the above student leaves campus. Creede School District releases all liability once the student has signed out with my permission. We appreciate your assistance in helping your child stay within the expectations and guidelines set forth in this form.
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