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BEST Health Plan

There is a new program available through Apostrophe Health that is now available to all BEST Health Plan members. This is a pilot program built for rural school district employees.  The goal is to prevent further increases in our health insurance costs so that we don’t have to keep increasing deductibles and cutting important school programs to pay for healthcare.

Apostrophe Health can help you find a high-quality provider, cut your healthcare and prescription costs, connect you to a doctor through your phone or computer to fill prescriptions, and serve as your health advocate.

Contact Information

Registration, Forms, FAQ, etc.
BEST Health Enrollment Form 2017
Registation for new users and access to medical claims information, claim forms, answers to common questions, etcetera.



Optumrx is the prescription drug provider and has contracted with retail pharmacies across the U.S.
BEST members may obtain prescription medications at the described co payment amounts by utilizing those specific pharmacies. This site provides a complete list of names and addresses of participating pharmacies.

Summary of Benefits 2017 SLV

Sun Life Conversion Kit
Download Kit
Provides detailed information on converting the Basic Life/AD&D coverage upon termination of employment with your District..

Life Conversion Notice
Download Notice
This Life Conversion Notice will need to be completed and signed by the District in the event an employee chooses to convert.

Health, Allergy & Medication Questionnaire (HMQ)
Download Questionnaire
Your answers to the questions will help protect you against potentially harmful drug interactions and side effects.

BEST Health Plan Document
SLV PPO Plan Document_rev 6.02.17
Describes the Medical Plan and its provisions for the payment or reimbursement of all or a portion of certain medical expenses for enrolled Eligible Employees and Dependents.

BEST Health Plan Miscellaneous Information
Download Information
Information including: Notice to Enrollees in a Self-Funded Nonfederal Governmental Group Health Plan; Creditable Coverage Disclosure Notice; Special Enrollment Notice; Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act Notice; and Contact Information.

HIPAA Exemption Notice
Download Information
Notice to Enrollees in a Self-Funded Nonfederal Governmental Group Health Plan

BEST Creditable Coverage – Medicare Part D Disclosure Notice
Download Information
Notice from BEST About Prescription Drug Coverage and Medicare

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