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Miners Dig Deep

miner dig deep


Have No Fear, Our Art Teacher is Here

Tim Schrag is a person who sees a need and fills it. Earlier this year he was creating entertaining videos while we had to learn remotely; and more recently, he took on the task of streaming our volleyball and basketball games so that those who could not come to our games in person could still be a part of the action. On top of everything else, Tim is preforming his duties as a full-time teacher and as a student teacher, so we know he has his hands full! Thanks for all you do, Tim!

Mr Schrag

plaque for Mr. Anderson coach of the yearCoach of the YearMr. Anderson

Congratulations to Steve Anderson, who was selected by the Southern Peaks Activities Association as the 2020/2021 1A boys basketball Coach of the Year!

Mr. Anderson took on the task of coaching both boys’ and girls’ teams this year, and we are proud to see his hard work rewarded.

Outstanding Educator

mlz“It is my pleasure to announce that CSD has selected Michele La Zier as our 2021 Outstanding Educator. She is a dedicated twenty-five-year veteran English Language Arts instructor (fifteen years in Creede), who is our National Honor Society sponsor, a member of the District Accountability Committee, and the manager of our Care and Share food distribution program; and in past years has led the recycling program and the middle school knowledge bowl clubs.  Mrs. La Zier has always had student success in mind, so she has taken on students in independent study courses, matching course work to their strengths. She has recently begun work on her Master’s Degree, with the goal of steady improvement in her craft. Congratulations!  Each district in the San Luis Valley shall identify an outstanding representative, who will be recognized at a special dinner on 4/21/21.”  John C. Goss, Principal, Creede School District

Teaching Remotely

Here are three Creede School District teachers digging deep teaching remotely from their classrooms. Mrs. Gray's students observe her interactive math lesson with the middle school class. Mrs. Crispell speaks one-on-one with a fifth grader during a breakout session with her 4th and 5th grade class. Mr. Brink runs a science experiment while his class watches and participates. The computer cameras capture the lessons as they happen, and the students interact in real time!  In this way, students can attend their regularly scheduled classes, everyday.  All of the Creede faculty were ready to go remote since the first day of school so the transition to remote learning was very smooth; we are deeply impressed with the professionalism of our teaching staff.  


Mrs. Gray teaching remotely  

Mrs. Crispell teaching remotely  Mrs. Brink teaching remotely


T Wall – Structural and Load Bearing

Teresa Wall is one of the Creede School District’s unsung heros.  Anything that is asked of Ms. Wall is done thoroughly and with a high degree of professionalism; this is something you probably already knew!  We want to share that there are more ways that T Wall, as her peers affectionately call her, digs deep and displays the Miner’s Way.

T WallMs. Wall has been an integral part of Professional Learning Communities (PLC) with our high school staff to discuss important upcoming events and academic conversations.  During the after-school PLCs we focus on student academic achievement, ensuring they are getting what they need to be successful.  Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP) is another platform Teresa has the staff discuss to identify points of emphasis for different grade levels.  These items get carried out and put into action during the students’ Focus Time.  Ms. Wall also has the staff focused towards the future by looking at upcoming parent/teacher conferences which will need to include some coordinated scheduling this year to avoid conflicts.  

Ms. Wall is also part of our Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) team.  Within this group, identified students, such as our Gifted and Talented learners, receive programing enrichment and modifications to their curriculum to challenge and motivate their academic growth.  Ms. Wall is responsible for facilitating the implementation of testing to identify these high achievers and has successfully provided five such students with modified curriculum.  

The Creede School District identifies these distinguished efforts from Ms. Wall and is proud of how she continues to Dig Deep for the betterment of the students and the school.  Ms. Wall continues to amplify how together, we are Miners-Strong!

Culinary Inspiration

At Creede School District, we can be proud of a great many things: we offer exceptional education, we provide career and technical education to Malcolm and Zackstudents, we serve our community, we have an outstanding graduation rate, and the list can go on and on.  In this instance, we have another reason to be proud as we boast our very own culinary trained chef, Malcolm Snead.  

Mr. Snead not only prepares gourmet meals for the students and staff but last year he taught a beginning culinary class to high school students.  This was a fantastic opportunity and a huge success.  Mr. Snead was recently featured on the Best Served podcast.  He meets the challenge of providing flavorful meals while staying within the Colorado Department of Education’s guidelines.  All his meals are prepared from scratch and they do not run short on creativity.  Usually, his menus offer lunch choices that most students and staff have to do some research on to reveal what it is.  From Polenta Parmesan to Spinach Caprese, Chef Malcolm has the kids saying, “Yum!”  Inspired by this creativity, one of our kindergarten students went home declaring that he was Chef Malcolm, taking out cooking utensils in the kitchen and pretending to make the most fabulous dishes.  

We are very proud of the positive influence our staff has on students and salute Chef Malcolm for Digging Deep in the kitchen and beyond.

From Math to Motors, Bisectors to Brakes and Grids to Gears – He Accommodates Our Students 


auto classIt gives us great pride to recognize outstanding effort from our Creede School District staff. 

Mr. Beltrame is another staff member deserving of recognition for his outstanding efforts.  He has been a teacher at Creede for 22 years; he has earned tremendous respect from the kids and staff alike.  In instances as described below, Mr. Beltrame has often “dug deep” to do what is in the best interest of the students.  Here are a few examples of why we honor Mr. Beltrame on our webpage. 

Last year, Mr. Beltrame came to the administrative office and requested that we find time and adjust schedules to have a few students be in his 5th period (which was his preparation time) so he could help them obtain the fundamental skills needed to get caught up with the rest of their class in math.  This was a  truly unselfish act that benefited the students and addressed their needs. With this determination and effort, the students were able to grow and develop necessary skills to perform at grade level.

auto classJust recently a parent anonymously funded Mr. Beltrame’s DonorsChoose project to acquire calculators for his students, and commented, “My three kids took Mr. Beltrame’s classes! He is one of the best!” 

This year Mr. Beltrame once again rose up and responded to the needs of the students. Since we lost our auto shop teacher before school started, Mr. B noticed that he had an extra period and offered to teach either a psychology class or auto mechanics.  After taking a brief student survey, Mr. Beltrame addressed their needs and is now offering auto mechanics to several students during 7th hour.  

Continued efforts like this from Mr. Beltrame and others show how versatile and “Miners Strong” our staff really is.  Way to Dig Deep, Mr. Beltrame!

This testimonial was shared by one of our students regarding the education they received 

here as well as the quality of the Creede School District  teaching staff. 


“Speaking from the viewpoint of someone who has been in a few different engineering programs, I can confidently say that Creede High Schools Mr. Whitehornengineering program is the best I have ever had. Before moving to Santa Fe I had only taken one year long class with Mr. Whitehorn. In his graphic design class I learned the ins and outs of Corel. Once I moved to Santa Fe and enrolled in their engineering class I knew it wouldn’t be nearly as good as Whitehorn’s. The second I got into the class I realized that I already knew more about the Corel program than the teacher herself. Though it was a fun class, I must say, Whitehorn’s program is the best engineering program I have ever experienced. It not only teaches you how to work the program, but it also teaches you real life situations. He has us work with outside clients and gives us the experience we need in the real world. His class has helped and influenced me so much, I’m even considering going into engineering as a lifelong career.”

-Mamie Hess