Dear Parents/Guardians,

After reviewing our recent parent survey, we had a high response from parents who would like more involvement with the school. This is most welcome as we seem to run at a shortage of volunteers!

Areas in which we need your help:

  • Working athletic events (home games) at the gate and concessions
  • Volunteering at Literacy Night, Science Night, Book Fairs and other events
  • Occasionally assisting teachers in the classroom or on a field trip
  • Joining the PTO

There are two types of school volunteers:

  1. Visitor Volunteer:  Indirect student interaction and infrequent student contact.

Examples: booster club, concession sales, book fairs, PTO, classroom parties, speakers and presenters.

  1. Committed Volunteer:  Increased interaction with students. This would include working with small groups of students under a teacher or staff member’s direct supervision.  A committed volunteer must first be fingerprinted.

Examples: dance chaperone, Field Day volunteer, and classroom aide.

Those who would like to volunteer, please contact the office by phone (719)658-2220 or email: hollyw@creedek12.net. From there you will be put in contact with the person organizing the event or the classroom teacher. If you want to volunteer in a classroom, teachers will need at minimum a two-day advance notice of your visit so he/she/they can prepare ways for you to help.

We are excited to develop a partnership with parent volunteers! We thank you for caring about the needs of our school and being willing to offer your assistance. We know that your partnership will add a tremendous amount of value to our students’ educational experience.

We are also looking for more substitute teachers. If you are interested, please visit “Employment” on our school website: www.creedek12.net.


The Administration Team